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WormBoss Webinars

A series of webinars has been sponsored by Meat and Livestock Australia under the New England WormBoss Producer Demonstration Site Project.

When each webinar is scheduled the date will be posted here as well as published in the ParaBoss News and on the ParaBoss facebook pages.



Drench Resistance Testing

Choosing and Using Drenches to Limit Worm Resistance


JOIN THE WEBINAR—Tuesday 13 August 2019



Why drench test?

Ineffective drenches have a major impact on sheep health and production over the course of a year—even if the consequences aren’t immediately obvious. A Drench Resistance Test is the gold standard for assessing the effectiveness of a number of drenches against worms on your property.


Do you consider drench testing to be too difficult or too expensive? Think again!

They are actually excellent value for money—about 9c/ sheep/ year!—and by following the WormBoss instruction sheet, they are not difficult to do, especially if you and a neighbour both do a test and you help each other out.

Join us for a FREE webinar that details the importance of drench resistance testing and how it will help inform your drenching decisions and slow down the development of resistance on your property.

WEBINAR: Drench Resistance Testing

WHEN:  Tuesday, 13th August, 8 pm Eastern Standard time (Adelaide 7.30 pm, Perth 6 pm)

PRESENTER: Deb Maxwell, Executive Officer ParaBoss


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