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Worm Egg Counting Quality Assurance and Accreditation Program

WEC Service providers: Are you interested?

A popular WEC QA scheme for laboratories and other WEC service providers is planned to re-commence under WormBoss to assist providers to maintain quality procedures and to endorse those delivering accurate services.

Please contact ParaBoss if you are interested to be a participant or have questions:

Do you provide a worm egg counting service, whether paid or complimentary?

WormBoss strongly recommends the use of worm testing, testing drench efficacy and breeding worm resistant rams, all which require worm egg counts.

ParaBoss receives numerous enquiries regarding sourcing WEC services, but have no way of endorsing any providers and those providers have expressed their dismay that there is no scheme for them to demonstrate their proficiency.


  • Is developing a QA program to assist WEC providers to check the quality of their testing and to receive assistance if required.
  • Will accredit providers and promote them to sheep, goats and cattle producers nationally.

Who is this for?

  • For all laboratories and individuals who do worm egg counts as a paid or complimentary service to others.
  • Any individuals who do their own worm egg counts and who wish to ensure they are achieving accurate results.

What is involved?

  • Each year, participants will be sent a number of samples on which they will conduct a series of worm egg counts.
  • Participants send their results back for analysis.
  • Participants with results within the accepted range will receive WormBoss accreditation as a WEC provider.
  • Those whose results are outside the accepted range will have the opportunity to approach ParaBoss-endorsed laboratories or individuals to review their worm egg counting procedures, and be able to undertake a follow up assessment.

What will it cost?

  • The current estimate for an individual participant is between $200 and $300. 
  • A discount is envisaged for extra individuals at a single location (or who can pick up from another nearby participant) as this will reduce the packaging and courier costs.
  • Follow up advice and testing will be an additional cost.

What are the benefits?

  • This will be the only independent scheme in Australia to benchmark your WEC results and provide assistance and recognition.
  • A free listing on the WormBoss Service Providers page (all current listings for WEC providers will be removed when this scheme commences).
  • An extensive and ongoing promotion of accredited providers to sheep, goat, camelid and cattle producers (via ParaBoss News, WormBoss website, industry newsletters such as AWI Beyond the Bale and MLA Feedback and in the rural press).
  • Recommendation of accredited providers in response to enquiries received by WormBoss.

ParaBoss would like to hear from all WEC providers regarding their interest or any questions they may have.

Please email


8 October 2018

Dr Brown Besier is overseeing the development of this scheme for ParaBoss;  Brown was involved with the scheme run by DAFWA from Albany, WA.

Brown has prepared an Expression of Interest that will shortly be sent to the small number of laboratories in Australia with the skills to prepare and despatch the samples for this scheme.

We aim to select a laboratory and a data analyst by the end of the year. The first round is planned for 2019, likely in the cooler months of the year, which is better for shipping of samples.