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Worm Egg Counting Quality Assurance Program

WEC Service providers: Register your interest now.

A popular WEC QA scheme for laboratories and other WEC service providers will re-commence under ParaBoss and WormBoss to assist providers to maintain quality procedures and to endorse those delivering accurate services.

Please contact ParaBoss if you are interested to be a participant or have further questions:

Do you provide a worm egg counting service, whether paid or complimentary?

WormBoss strongly recommends the use of worm testing, testing drench efficacy and breeding worm resistant stock, all which require worm egg counts.

ParaBoss receives numerous enquiries regarding WEC providers, but have no way of endorsing any providers. Providers have expressed their dismay that there is no scheme for them to demonstrate their proficiency.

ParaBoss WEC QA Program

  • A QA program will commence in 2019 to assist WEC providers to check the quality of their testing and to receive assistance if required.
  • Providers who satisfy the testing QA program will be endorsed and promoted to sheep, goat and cattle producers nationally.

Who is this for?

  • For all laboratories, veterinarians, livestock merchandise/stock agents and individuals who do worm egg counts as a paid or complimentary service to others.
  • Any individuals who do their own worm egg counts and who wish to ensure they are achieving accurate results.

What is involved?

  • Once per year, participants will be sent a number of samples on which they will conduct worm egg counts.
  • Participants provide their results back for analysis.
  • Participants with results within the accepted range will receive ParaBoss endorsement as a WEC provider.
  • Those whose results are outside the accepted range will have the opportunity to approach ParaBoss-endorsed laboratories or individuals to review their worm egg counting procedures, and be able to undertake a follow up assessment.

When will the 2019 round of testing occur?

  • The samples will be sent out in about September 2019. Actual dates are yet to be determined with the supply laboratory. There will only be one sample send out due to the large preparation and freighting logistics and high cost involved. See details below of how samples will be prepared.

What will it cost?


  • $350 for the first person.
  • $300 for additional persons (where samples are freighted together).


  • $300 for the first person. 
  • $250 for additional persons (where samples are freighted together).

(WA cheaper due to lower freight costs)

For those who need follow up advice and/or further testing, this will be an additional cost.

See information below regarding how our samples will be prepared.

What are the benefits?

  • This will be the only independent program in Australia to benchmark your WEC results and provide assistance and recognition.


  • Be "endorsed" by ParaBoss and WormBoss.
  • Receive a free listing on the WormBoss Service Providers page (all current listings for WEC providers will be removed when this program commences).
  • Ongoing promotion to sheep, goat, camelid and cattle producers (via ParaBoss News, WormBoss website, industry newsletters such as AWI Beyond the Bale and MLA Feedback and in the rural press).
  • Recommendation of endorsed providers in response to enquiries received by WormBoss.

Register you interest or ask questions now.

Please email

Sample Preparation 

ParaBoss has been fortunate to gain the  expertise of the key players and laboratory that ran the previous program for 12 years.

  • The program is managed by Dr Brown Besier (now retired from DPIRD, WA)
  • The  Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, WA, (DPIRD WA) at Albany, managed by Jill Lyon, is the sample supply laboratory.
    This laboratory has a suitable supply of clean and worm-infected sheep at the time required, which greatly reduces the costs for participants. (These sheep are used to prepare the Barbervax vaccine).
  • Statistician, Andrew Van Burgel (DPIRD WA) is the data analyst.


Considerable analysis by eminent parasitologists originally went into determining a process to eliminate as much variation as possible.

  • The faecal component of the samples are taken from worm-freee sheep.
  • The eggs are taken from sheep with a high worm burden, the eggs are then extracted from those samples to provide a purified solution of eggs. This is measured to assess the quantity of eggs per millilitre of solution.
  • Specific amounts of faeces and egg solution are then measured into sample containers.
  • 13 samples are prepared for each participant with various worm egg counts in them.

The samples will be packed into eskies with ice bricks to keep the samples cool during the trip to each participant. The hotter months have been avoided for this reason. Some embryonation may occur on the longer journeys, but this has been shown in the previous program to not affect the counts.

Samples will be freighted by courier to their destinations within 5 days (being sent on a Monday).

ParaBoss will advise all participants a month in advance of the date samples will be sent.

We will also work with couriers to advise when the samples should arrive, however, we cannot control the freighting process.

Freight is higher than normal parcels due to the UN3373 categorisation of biological samples, and to gain assurance that parcels arrive within the necessary timeframe.

What participants will need to do

  • Sign up for the program on our dedicated web page (TO BE DEVELOPED, you will receive reminders on the ParaBoss News email each month).
  • Make payment by the due date (4 weeks in advance of sample distribution).
  • You will be provided with all the details required to participate. This includes a document providing standard operating procedures for doing worm egg counts, allowing you to review your process in advance.
  • Receive samples and carry out the worm egg counts.
  • Enter your results on the same web page under your private login (these are NOT public).
  • You will be alerted when your results are available online (again no results are made publicly available).
  • Those whose results satisfy the rquirements will have their contact details added to the WormBoss provider page if they have requested this.
  • Anyone not satisfying the requirements will be provided with a report describing the likely reasons for inaccurate results. We will also provide you with contacts and introductions at major laboratories to allow you to gain further advice and or training. Such further advice/training would be at your own cost. Special arangements will be made for follow up testing (again at your cost).

Register your interest or seek further information: