Using and acknowledging WormBoss content

Content and images on the ParaBoss, WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss sites are under copyright.

However, the ParaBoss team welcomes the use of content and images linked or copied from ParaBoss, WormBoss, FlyBoss or LiceBoss in publications where it will be used to provide parasite management information to sheep producers or students, providing the material is clearly acknowledged.

Please do not use your own writer byline when the content is copied from ParaBoss, WormBoss, FlyBoss or LiceBoss.

Where you are copying content, please clearly acknowledge the relevant source of the content directly under your headline/heading (in electronic publications, these can also be hyperlinked to the general sites):

Where possible, also include the logo of the relevant web site PLUS associated text underneath the logo:

Funded and managed by

placing these adjacent to the article (linking it to the web site in electronic publications). 

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If the material includes authors (such as in Boss feature articles) please also include the authors’ names:

If using images, please also include the image owner's name if one is shown.

Further information, please contact