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NAPfix return keeps OP drench on hand

By Elizabeth Ferguson, Jurox Pty Ltd

March 2017

Sheep farmers, vets and parasitologists will be pleased to hear that NAPfix® Liquid Naphthalophos Combination Drench for Sheep, manufactured by Jurox Pty Ltd, is now available for purchase from selected rural stores.

NAPfix® is a ready-to-use triple combination drench that contains naphthalophos (OP), abamectin (ML) and albendazole (BZ).

The use of combination drenches is widely advocated as an essential part of an integrated parasite management program to maximise the efficacy of drenching and to delay the onset of nematode resistance within a population. Scientific modelling has consistently shown that use of combination drenches will delay the onset of resistance to a greater extent than use of single active drenches in rotation. The greater the number of actives in a drench, and the more effective each active is alone, the longer resistance to each active will be delayed.

Reported cases of naphthalophos resistance on Australian sheep farms are rare, and those who have been tackling Haemonchus contortus (barber’s pole worm) will be familiar with the high efficacy of this active against these worms, including strains that are resistant to other actives such as macrocyclic lactones.

Being in combination with abamectin and albendazole, NAPfix® is also highly effective against Teladorsagia circumcincta (brown stomach worm) and Trichostrongylus spp. (black scour worm), which are economically important nematodes in most of Australia’s sheep-farming regions.

With the impending withdrawal of Rametin® from the market, NAPfix® will soon be the only sheep drench registered in Australia to contain a member of the OP group. The ready-to-use formulation means that there is no dust, reducing the risk of OP exposure to farmers. No mixing of drenches also means no errors when diluting. It is important that farmers adhere to the instructions on the drum and, as with any drenching, care is taken to avoid inadvertent administration into the animal’s airway.

When used with care, NAPfix® will be an important inclusion into the drench program of all farmers, increasing the efficacy of their programs whilst helping to delay nematode resistance in their flock.

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WormBoss does not advocate specific products or brands. Where there are alternative proprietary products with the same active ingredients and formulation, these will be equally suitable.

Sheep owners/managers should conduct a DrenchTest each 2–3 years and/or use DrenchChecks in between times to confirm the current efficacy of drenches used on that property.