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Rametin drench update

By Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

April 2016


Organophosphates (OP) are a very useful drench option, especially in a combination treatment to help protect and preserve the other actives and especially so with barber’s pole worm. However, only one OP, Rametin® made by Bayer, remains on the market and although it is currently not in production, ParaBoss has been informed that Bayer is working to bring it back onto the market.

Some months ago, supply of Rametin® was interrupted (through no fault of Bayer), though some rural merchandise stores still have very limited quantities in stock.

ParaBoss asked Bayer about the situation and whether Rametin® was coming back on the market.

The official response from Bayer’s Group Product Manager, Gareth Sheehan, was:

Bayer is working on supply issues to bring Rametin® back to market. As it currently stands Bayer doesn’t have visibility on when this will occur. When more information is available we will communicate to our customers. Bayer is not accepting any orders for the product and this will continue for the foreseeable future until the supply issues have been rectified.

We apologise for this inconvenience and are doing our utmost to resolve this situation.

ParaBoss has also been informed that Bayer strongly understands how important an OP drench is to producers and they are committed to getting the product back on the market as soon as possible.