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WormBoss is now Australia's goat worm control resource

Well-known Australian goat veterinarian, Dr Sandra Baxendell, has co-authored the new information for goats in WormBoss
Well-known Australian goat veterinarian, Dr Sandra Baxendell, has co-authored the new information for goats in WormBoss

by Lewis Kahn, ParaBoss Executive Officer

October 2016


Since 2005, Australian sheep producers have enjoyed the benefit of WormBoss: a single online resource with up-to-date best practice information, training and tools to improve parasite management of sheep.

From 1 November, goat producers will enjoy the same benefit following major changes to incorporate up-to-date goat-specific information in WormBoss.  These changes have been supported by the Goat Industry Council of Australia, through Meat & Livestock Australia.

Goat-specific information includes:

  • Regional worm control programs: practical strategies relevant to the region on grazing management, breeding for worm resistance, when to drench and test and managing drench resistance
  • Worms: roundworms, tapeworms & flukes
  • Drench Decision Guides: to assist your decision on whether to drench now, what to drench with and when to test again
  • Tests: worm tests, drench resistance tests, collecting samples, worm egg counting
  • Drench database: search for drenches in a number of ways, including by drench group and active ingredients, allowing you to better plan your drench decisions
  • Management tools: immunity to worms, breeding and feeding for worm resistance and resilience,  best practice drench use


Well-known industry consultants, Sandra Baxendell and Maxine Murphy, joined the ParaBoss team to develop the new materials with review provided by the ParaBoss National Technical Committee and other goat health advisors.

The development of the goat information has been careful to address the important differences between sheep and goats in their susceptibility to worm infection, drench choices, breeding cycle and scale of operation. 

Regional worm control programs have been developed to cover the goat producing regions of Australia including the East Coast where rainfall and temperatures combine to provide a high worm challenge environment.  These programs cater for all scales and types of goat operation including meat, dairy and fibre goats and commercial herds and smallholder properties.

Regional Drench Decision Guides for goat producers are the next best thing to having a discussion with a veterinarian or advisor when weighing up treatment and testing options. 

While worm egg counts remain the gold standard for monitoring worm infections, information is also provided on how to use the colour of the mucous membranes of the lower inner eyelid (barber’s pole worm), body condition score and faecal consistency as ways to assess worm infection.   These are especially important for those goat producers who may find it practical to regularly assess each goat individually and then treat individuals as required.

Good worm control is about integrating chemical and non-chemical control options to provide effective worm control while managing the development of drench resistance. 

The WormBoss website,, has a wealth of new information in an easy to navigate format. It will be supplemented by the two Facebook pages:

WormBoss, Australia’s sheep and goat worm control resource