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WormTest weaner lambs and kids in autumn and winter

Southern winters bring wet, cold, high worm-risk conditions that can seriously challenge weaners—both sheep and goats. Regular worm testing will guide appropriate management and treatment.

Ideally, you will have prepared low worm-risk paddocks for weaners to use after the autumn break and through winter, but worm testing is then still important for ongoing monitoring of those weaners.

Ewes may also need treatment in late pregnancy or just prior to lambing, and worm testing will indicate the need to treat.

In the summer rainfall zones, monitoring is just as important in winter, as the larvae that hatched in the warmer months are infecting sheep right through winter.

There are WormBoss worm control programs to suit different regions across Australia, for both sheep and goats.

These programs provide the overall annual management program, including key times for drenching and worm testing.

There is also a Drench Decision Guide (DDG) for each region. The DDG is your day-to-day tool that recommends when any mob should be checked, whether worm testing is required, how to respond to your worm test results and when to check again.

Regional Worm Control Programs

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