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Do Worm Egg Counts

There is a common theme from all our contributors this month – “do Worm Egg Counts regularly, your sheep deserve it!”

When I asked them if they thought sheep producers were doing any more Worm Egg Counts than they did 5 years ago, the general response was “not much!” – 10% to 15% do it regularly.

Their response regarding resistance testing was similar.

They do not believe the quality of worm management has got much better over the last few years.

That must be very depressing to Industry Organisations like AWI and MLA, not to mention researchers. 

What it is saying is that producers take very little notice of the results researchers have uncovered using the millions of dollars industry has provided. 

These are results that have been demonstrated to significantly improve profitability and productivity of producers.

It is not a good look when industry approaches Governments looking for assistance!