New England WormBoss Producer Demonstration Site: you're invited

  • Reduce sheep deaths and production loss from worms
  • Drench less
  • Work smarter to work less
  • Reduce your cost of worms

Ashford workshop:

Thursday 22 February 2018

9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Ashford Memorial Bowling Club, Ashford NSW

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Prize giveaway!

POLE-VAULT (naphthalophos) drench (x1)

One lucky attendee will win this drench donated by Landmark Inverell

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The prize is one container of Pole-Vault, the new Naphthalophos drench under the Dalgety Animal Health brand available from Landmark stores.

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Ash Faint
Landmark Inverell
0427 700 028, 6722 2944


9.30 to 2.30 pm

WormBoss program

Using and monitoring low worm-risk lambing paddocks

Preparing low worm-risk weaner paddocks

Worms and liver fluke

Worm egg counting

Project participants’ use of WormBoss

New drench: Pole-Vault by Dalgety Animal Health


Other new options

Morning tea and lunch provided by Landmark, Inverell

More information:

How does WormBoss benefit?

WormBoss is an integrated program that uses a number of strategies (not just drenching) to control worms.

When applied correctly, this program

  • Reduces deaths and production loss
  • Reduces drenching
  • Reduces labour

This results in your "cost of worms" decreasing by up to 50% in a Merino enterprise.

It requires a change of mindset and a willingness to try different strategies so that you can prevent the escalation of worms and stop drenching all summer. 

Ultimately, you will be more confident and do less work to achieve a far better result.

Why a Producer Demonstration Site?

This project is funded by Meat and Livestock Australia, under their Producer Demonstration Sites program.

MLA’s Producer Demonstration Sites program aims to increase the rate of adoption of key management practices that improve business profitability and productivity, by shortening the time lag between innovation and adoption of practices by producers at a local level.

The experiences and key messages of this PDS will be communicated beyond the project participants to promote wider adoption of integrated worm control.

Three workshops per year will be held during 2016, 2017 and 2018 so you can attend each and follow progress and gradually learn what's important at each time of the year.

This PDS group aims to overcome the things that make change hard. As a participant you won’t have to figure it out on your own, you’ll get motivation, support and guidance over the year or more to help you make a really useful change.

However, you are welcome to attend as a non-participant, to watch and learn with us, you also gain the benefit of coming to regular events to see and hear information a few times and ask questions.

The WormBoss program has the flexibility to let you try it out on just one mob at home, rather than your whole flock. This lets you easily compare it against your normal management, and you can extend to more of your property and sheep as you gain confidence.