WormBoss online learning: Pastoral

The following seven topics will give you a solid understanding of the management of sheep worms for this region.

Click on each topic to go to a page that provides both a structured reading process and a question and answer process.

Use the process that suits you best—both provide the relevant information.

  1. Introduction
  2. Grazing management
  3. Breeding for worm resistance
  4. Worm testing
  5. Drenching
  6. Drench resistance management
  7. Sheep worms


ParaBoss Certificate in Sheep Parasite Management

Advisors—rural merchandise staff, veterinarians, sheep consultants and extension staff—and students in animal and veterinary science courses, are now invited to enrol in the ParaBoss Certificate in Sheep Parasite Management.

This course provides formal training in effective integrated parasite management of sheep in Australia, covering worms, flies and lice.

Find the list of ParaBoss certified advisors here:

ParaBoss certified advisors