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The WormBoss Song Lyrics

The WormBoss Song


Have you seen the latest thing to kill off worms in sheep

It’s sitting on the internet, why don’t you take a peep

You’ll find this little beauty at WormBoss dot com au

And if you choose to use it, the worms are in the poo!


WormBoss, WormBoss it’s absolutely great

It helps you kill the worms in all your lovely sheep mate

When you use the WormBoss your sheep are free of grubs

And you’ve got money in your kit when you go down to the pub!


Some blokes decide to drench their sheep by looking in their eyes

Without the Boss and egg counts their sheep will likely die

The Boss says test resistance to be sure which drenches kill

It’s much more cost effective than guessing like a dill


The Boss says let’s get clever with the way we graze our sheep

So the worms go hungry and we’re easy in our sleep

We use the Boss to breed our sheep resistant to the worms

So when the worms attack, well our sheep just turn the worm!


So sit at your computer, dial up WormBoss on the web

And then you won’t be guessing, you’ll have the facts instead

Your sheep will all grow healthy and have lambs and wool galore

And you’ll wonder why the WormBoss wasn’t round before!



Words and music by Arthur Le Feuvre © 2005


PENNY DAVIES – backing vocals

ROGER ILOTT – acoustic guitars, pedal steel, acoustic slide guitar, harmonica, bass, backing vocals.

JORDAN DAVIES-ILOTT – drums, backing vocals


Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by ROGER ILOTT at Restless Music, Stanthorpe, Queensland

February 2005