WormBoss worm control program for goats

Qld central and south and NSW northwest


Where is the Qld central and south and NSW northwest region?

This region covers the slopes and plains of northern NSW and southern Queensland, and the Queensland Central Tablelands that have summer-dominant rainfall, averaging 400 to 650 mm per year. Summers are hot and winters are moderately cold with more frosts in the eastern parts of NSW.

This region corresponds to the WestWorm (NSW DPI) and WormBuster 1 (except Stanthorpe), 2a and 2b (Qld DAFF) zones, plus the Central Tablelands of Qld.

These boundaries are approximations only as seasonal conditions vary.

A map of the region is shown right.

What worms are covered in this program?


The most important roundworms in this region:

Important but only occasionally seen worms:

Less important worms:

Liver fluke

In this region liver fluke only occurs in imported goats. When goats are brought here from areas with liver fluke, include a triclabendazole drench (which is effective against all stages of liver fluke) with quarantine treatments for worms.

Other worms

Gastro-intestinal parasites of minor importance, such as stomach fluke and tapeworm, are not covered.

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